Spacemonkey Models 1/24 Scale V-2/A4 Model


We wanted a better V-2 model kit, so we created our own.

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK!  Our V-2 kit will return soon with an all new decal sheet, documenting multiple examples from the post-World War II era of the rocket.  There is perhaps no chapter in the history of rocketry more remarkable than that of the V-2 ballistic missile.  Created to serve the corrupt Nazi regime as a weapon of terror during World War II, the V-2 rained down on the cities of London, Antwerp, and Paris during the closing days of that conflict.  In the years following the war, the V-2 became a research and teaching tool in both the United States and the Soviet Union, serving as the basis for the boosters that would launch the world’s first satellites and manned spacecraft.  The V-2 was perhaps the most influential rocket ever built, influencing the design of rockets from Redstone to Sputnik, Vostok, Saturn, and beyond.

Our V-2 model is the result of a decade of research and planning followed by two solid years of design, engineering, injection mold creation, and blow mold creation.  Standing in at 23” tall, The Spacemonkey Models V-2 features markings for four different V-2 variants, printed in Italy by the decal wizards at Cartograf.  

* Two different wartime tactical variants, as displayed at the Museum of the United States Air Force and the Imperial War Museum, London

Operation “Sandy,” a 1947 project that flew a V-2 from the deck of the USS Midway

* The White Sands billboard V-2, used for static training and publicity purposes, as well as facilities verification and checkout during Operation Sandy

While researching our V-2 kit we uncovered a great deal of film footage documenting the history of this groundbreaking rocket.  Much of this film was used to create a short film, The V-2 in America, which you can view on YouTube right now.  All of the additional historical film we used for research is available there, as well.

What does our V-2 model have in common with a water bottle?  We were chatting with some model-building friends years ago, when someone idly held up a blow-molded water bottle and asked, “wouldn’t this be a great way to mold a rocket model airframe?”  It turns out that blow-molding is a great way to produce model parts, and the Spacemonkey Models V-2 is the first quality model kit to feature a major component produced using this technique!  You won’t need to learn any new building or finishing techniques, though, as our blow-molded airframe part is produced from styrene, just like most of the other model kits you’ve ever built.  All of the other parts in the kit, such as the highly detailed fins, rocket nozzle, and nose cone, are injection-molded from steel tools.  All of the plastic components in our V-2 kit were engineered and molded in the US.

This example of the Spacemonkey Models V-2/A4 kit was completed in one of the decal options supplied with the kit, depicting the V-2 on exhibit at the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton, Ohio.  Tamiya spray lacquers were used to finish the model.

Spacemonkey Models 1/24 scale V-2

Spacemonkey Models 1/24 scale V-2

Spacemonkey Models 1/24 scale V-2

Spacemonkey Models 1/24 scale V-2

The example shown below of our V-2/A4 kit was completed in the White Sands "gate guard" scheme, used by Proving Ground personnel for promotional purposes.  Created from a damaged V-2 unsuitable for flight, this particular V-2 is still on display at the White Sands Missile Range museum today, albeit painted in a yellow and black scheme to represent the earliest V-2 flights at the facility.  An assortment of Tamiya spray lacquer and airbrushed acrylic paints were used to complete this model.

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Anyone building a scale V-2 model should take at look at Tracy Dungan's encyclopedic reference site,  Another essential reference is Peter Alway's "The V-2 Modeler's Painting Guide," available from ARA Press.