V-2/A4 Build Tutorial Videos

Building the Spacemonkey Models V-2/A4 in 1/24 Scale

Our V-2/A4 kit comes with a comprehensive construction and finishing guide, but we thought it might be helpful to put together a series of progressive build videos to guide modelers through construction of the kit.  This series is aimed primarily at newer and less experienced modelers, but we hope that even experienced builders will be able to pick up a few new ideas.  Each video is fairly brief, generally about 6-11 minutes long.

Segment 1: Overview, Tools, and Parts Prep

Segment 2: Airframe Preparation

Segment 3: Fin Prep and Assembly

Segment 4: Fin Attachment

Segment 4a (optional): Putty Application

Segment 5: Fastener Placement

Segment 6: Antenna Assembly and Placement

Segment 7: Turbine Exhaust Shroud and Pull-out Plug Shroud Placement

Segment 8: Small Part Preparation and Painting

Segment 9: Painting

Segment 10: Decal Application

Segment 11: Final Assembly