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Decal set for Estes 1/25 scale V-2 kit

Decal set for Estes 1/25 scale V-2 kit

Spacemonkey Models

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The decals that we created for our 1/24 scale V-2 kit look great on the very similarly sized 1/25 scale flying model rocket kit from Estes, so we've made the set available separately!  You'll receive enough decals for four separate V-2 variants, along with a copy of our V-2 finishing guide and a template for trimming the too-large fins on the Estes kit down to a more scale-like appearance.  The decals have been custom printed by the artists at Cartograf in Italy, widely regarded as the finest decal printers in the world.

You'll need to supply your own Estes V-2 kit, but they are widely available through hobby shops and online suppliers.